I love chocolate. By chocolate, I mean black men. My favorite flavor? Nigerian. Oh yes. Thank Olodumare for the Nigerian male. If you haven’t tasted one yet, get one quickly, ladies. These men are the most complex, persistent, and unique set of XYs. Why do I adore this flavor of male? Well…

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  1. he expects you to cook for him
  2. after a few months and you two are comfortable with eachother he will expect you to come over n do his laundry n clean up around his house (if he doesnt live at home with mom n dad still)
  3. he will have a nice body but will let…

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He understands your accent.

He knows that when you suffix every sentence with ‘now’, its not a command, e.g. “Come let’s go now, “

When you guys go out, he pays and doesn’t expect a refund of exactly half!

He doesn’t see your kid sister staying in your house as an inconvenience/…

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One of the most influential artists of our generation. Happy 41st Pharrell!

One of the most influential artists of our generation. Happy 41st Pharrell!

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The only outcome of this would be death

The only outcome of this would be death

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First time through car wash.

First time through car wash.

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Babies Experiencing Things For The First Time

First time watching fireworks:


 First time being dunked into water that’s way too cold:


First time getting caught in a bubble shower:


First time driving through a dark tunnel:


First time chatting with a puppet:


First time finding a new recipe in a cooking magazine:


First time forgetting how spoons work:


First time seeing ice cream:

imageWhenever I’m feeling sad, I look at this and realise how fucking amazing the world is .

I love babies

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getting an extension for an assignment you didn’t do


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mom: your room is dirty

me: image

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How is this a sandal??? smh

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tiny tattoos with parallel landscape.

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AX Armani Exchange Chronograph Bracelet Watch, 45mm